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Townsend Design

Townsend Design


Addresss: 50-17 5th St, Long Island City, NY 11101

The Orbit Chandelier is a modern classic suspending incandescent bulbs in a tension-compression web. Other Patrick Townsend designs include Stellar, Droplet, String, Bouy Pendant, and Fleur Lamps.

Long Island City, New York, USA

US - New York

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Orbit 35 Shorty White
Orbit 35 Shorty Bronze
Orbit 35 Shorty Black
Replacement bulbs: Stellar 56
Replacement bulbs: Orbit 42"
Replacement bulbs: String 10
Replacement bulbs: Orbit 35
Replacement bulbs: Stellar 80
Replacement bulbs: String 19
Orbit 35" Bronze
Orbit 35" White
Black Canopy