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Recent Products from SCOSHA

Tiny Heart Ring in Rose Gold
Fishtail ID in Silver and Black
'The Precious Pack
Tiny Bezel Stud with Sapphire
Classic Diamond Bracelet in Fl...
Tiny Bezel Stud with Emerald
Tiny Bezel Stud with Ruby
Tiny Bezel Stud with Turquoise
Tiny Bezel Stud with Opal
'Precious Braid with Turquoise...
Precious Braid in Black
'Rio Ring with Turquoise
'Precious Braid with Turquoise...
Lagoon Necklace with Jasper
Reef Bracelet in Yellow
Kinship Band
SCOSHA Coordinates Bracelet
SCOSHA Treasure Necklace In St...
SCOSHA Arrow Bracelet In Brass
'Gem Drops with Turquoise